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To what extent should college students get freedom?

To what extent should college students get freedom?

Colleges provide a great amount of freedom to students. Unlike high school, a student in college would not really be subjected to very strict rules. This is why college life teaches students to become responsible adults.


While freedom in college is a great and desirable thing, many people think that students should only be provided partial freedom. This means that while students will have some liberty to decide for themselves, they will still have to follow some basic rules and regulations. This way, students will remain on track. This might actually be quite an efficient approach. For instance, the 75% attendance rule in many colleges nowadays, makes students attend a great portion of classes. On the other hand, colleges that does not enforce such rules have lesser number of regularly attending students. In such colleges, students usually skip their classes and rely on coursework writing help instead. This way, they manage to clear their courses heading on to the next semester. Hence, in order to keep students on track, they must be given partial freedom instead of full freedom.


Nevertheless, those students who cannot live under rules and regulations should choose a college that gives full freedom to the students.



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