Attend Classes And Avoid Trouble


Date & time Feb 16 '20
San Diego
Creator Tabitha Lewis

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Tabitha Lewis


Attend Classes And Avoid Trouble

Class attendance is one thing that you shouldn’t joke around with in college. it not only messes you up when you miss the lesson but may also lead to penalization. You will lose vital points just by skipping attendance. Even if you can submit essay on time when you hire academic writers on, you should attend all classes because that is the only way to acquire the skills you came to college for.


Attendance points are just as important as the academic ones and when you drop them it will not only weaken your graduation grade but also put you in the bad books with the administration. You may think that you can get the directives of the professor from your classmate who always attends the classes, but a reported directive won’t be the same as when it comes directly from the professor. You will hence end up doing the assignment wrongly.


Professors don’t always give assignments based on the syllabus. They will follow it yes, but based on the performance of the entire class they at times offer impromptu assignments. Miss those and you will only have yourself to blame. Use the class time the way you are supposed to and you won’t have to worry about your studies.

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